INA cylindrical Roller Bearings SL04 with annular slots

INA Full complement cylindrical roller bearings with annular slots. Rope sheave INA bearings are full complement cylindrical roller bearings with annular slots and are designed as locating bearings. These bearings are very rigid and can support moderate axial forces in both directions as well as high radial forces. They are particularly suitable for compact designs. The bearings comprise solid outer and inner rings with ribs, rib-guided cylindrical rollers and sealing rings.

The outer rings have annular slots for retaining rings. The inner rings are axially split, 1 mm wider than the outer rings and held together by a sheet metal ring.

INA cylindrical roller bearings with annular slots are available in the light series SL04..-PP and in the dimension series 50 as SL0450..-PP.


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INA SL045004-PP bearings
20mm x 42mm x 30mm
INA SL045005-PP bearings
25mm x 47mm x 30mm
INA SL045006-PP bearings
30mm x 55mm x 34mm
INA SL045007-PP bearings
35mm x 62mm x 36mm
INA SL045008-PP bearings
40mm x 68mm x 38mm
INA SL045011-PP bearings
55mm x 90mm x 46mm
INA SL04130-PP bearings
130mm x 190mm x 80mm
INA SL04140-PP bearings
140mm x 200mm x 80mm

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