Kaydon slewing bearings DT series

The DT series Kaydon slewing bearings features the eight-point ball bearings Kaydon originally developed to provide maximum load capacity for given envelope and bolt circle diameters. DT series slewing ring bearings provides an up to 80% increase in capacity over single-row four-point designs of the same diameter and bolt circles. Yet the DT series has a smaller profile than a three-row roller design.

The internal configuration consists of two deep groove gothic arch raceways, each with a maximum ball complement, located in both the inner and outer rings. This results in a total of eight surfaces where the balls may contact at any time, providing exceptional moment, thrust, and radial load capacities. Through precise manufacturing, the raceways are closely matched to provide a high degree of load sharing. Integral seals are provided to assist in the exclusion of contaminants.

DT series bearings have been used successfully in heavy-duty applications including:

  • Large excavators
  • Large cranes
  • Mining equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • Telescopes
Kaydon DT series slewing bearings
Kaydon DT series slewing bearings

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